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miracle box 1.98

MIRACLE BOX 1.98 (BlackBerry | SPD | MTK | )
21 Dec 2014 Update.

1.SPD Add 8810/6820 New Flash ID.
2.SPD Improve 6531 Format.
3.MTK Add 6261 Read,write,format support.
4.MTK Add 6261 IMEI support.
5.MTK Add 6571 Nand flash IMEI support
6.Blackberry Improve MEID,ESN,IMEI Read,write
7.Blackberry Improve SPC RESET
8.Blackberry Improve SCAN MEP
9.Blackberry IMEI Repair
9.Firefox OS Supported SPD PAC/BIN support.
10.AutoUpdation Added.
11. Auto Driver Installation Improved Updated

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